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If you are in need of an e cient moving service, think of Mudanzas Gou.

Mudanzas Gou is a widely recognized leader in the moving business in Mexico with more than 100 years of experience in local, domestic and international moves. This experience allowed us to perfect each and every service we provide, thus gaining the complete satisfaction of our clients.

In Mudanzas Gou, we understand the importance of your Home and of your belongings acquired

throughout the years, and that is why we treat every object of your move with care. We are very aware that every move is different. We offer you the first survey visit to be able to offer you the most personalized attention. During the service, we protect all of your furniture with padding and cover the floors, doors, and doorframes to avoid any scratching or other damages.

For artworks and antics, we offer special packaging and crates designed specifically for each item, considering its size and shape.

We carry out every move using the best quality packing materials, our own personnel, and equipment, which gives us total control over each service: every truck is equipped with a satellite tracking system. Plus, we offer an option of All Risks insurance to protect your belongings from any unexpected incidents.

With Mudanzas Gou, you can transport your vehicle (cars, trucks, motorcycles, or any other type of vehicle for personal use) in the same unit as your household goods. We also have a broad experience in moving armored vehicles.

Residential Moving Gou
Residential Moving Gou

For your peace of mind after the loading the unit is sealed with a metallic seal with a serial number, and at destination the same seal is broken in your presence.

Our Door to Door option offers a vast range of services:

  • Packing by our most qualified staff Loading
  • Transportation
  • Unloading
  • Unpacking and debris removal All Risks insurance coverage