Gou Group Logistics


We are specialists within the medical and electronic equipment management, artwork, boutique and department store freight relocation, as well as car lashing, handing each link for the arrangement and transportation

Through our certified suppliers we may reach any place around the world, an advantage for our clients and added value that remark us within the market as Gou Group.

Equipo médico

Medical Equipment

To manage so delicate equipment, we require professional operators. Thus, all personnel embrace a specialized training.

Equipo Electrónico

Electronic Equipment

This type of management requires a specific engagement level, so that we offer to our client’s high quality and safety controls, with inventories based on serial numbers and batches.

Trincado de vehículos

Car Lashing

Our integral service guarantees a safety and efficient logistics service for the unit’s transfer

Traslado de boutique

Boutique Transfer

We are focused in the boutiques transfer and relocations, department stores or shopping malls.

Artwork Relocation

We transfer all type of artwork for exhibition, galleries, museum or exposition, as well as furniture for their exhibition.