GOU Storage Services

Storage Services

We offer the option of complete packaging for your belongings to keep them stored and protected.

We offer the option of complete packaging for your belongings to keep them stored and protected, using special packing materials and boxes for tableware and utensils, hung and folded clothes, books etc. For delicate items or items of high value, such as artwork, table tops, mirrors, antics, pianos, porcelain items, special wooden crates are made.

Our warehouses have room to store industrial machinery and medical and laboratory equipment, dead files, racks to store carpets, oversized items

and vehicles. In case you require a pickup at your residence, we can offer that too, bringing adequate equipment (e.g. forklift).

To assure the order of the stored goods, we use barcode inventory control, thus avoiding a mix-up in different client’s belongings.

We offer an option of a broad insurance coverage against incidents that are out of our control, such as lighting, fire, flood, earthquake etc., or any other coverage that might be required.

GOU Storage Services

Our warehouses are under surveillance 24/7 and have a strict access policy.

CTV cameras are placed strategically on the access points, patios, and warehouses and record every activity during the day. During the night, light and motion sensors are activated.

We have a strict maintenance system that keeps our warehouses in excellent condition, including temperature, ventilation, humidity and pest control, as well as fire alarms and fire extinguishers.

Type of storage we offer:
  • Crates and containers for furniture storage
  • Special compartments for sculptures and artworks Boxes for stationary and dead file
  • Vehicle storage in secured areas
  • Pick-up and delivery services
  • 24/7 surveillance
GOU Storage Services