Tips for your next move

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If you are going to move a considerable amount of things, it is convenient to label your furniture and boxes. This will make the unloading and placing of your things in your new home much easier. Choose different colors and letters for each floor and room.

Ask for any packing materials you will need in advance, so by the moving day you have everything properly packed. Or you can have our qualified personnel do it for you.

Unplug your electrical appliances prior to the move.

An empty space is always easier to clean – make sure your new home is clean and tidy before the arrival of your things.

Let your children know about your move and keep them informed. You can let them pack their own things and even decorate the boxes.

If you are doing the packing by yourself, put consecutive numbers on the boxes, and make the list of them in a notebook, describing the contents of every box. It will make it easier for you to unpack.

If possible, pack items from one room in the same box. Remove hanging objects from the wall.

Set aside and pack the last box with the items you will need first thing in your new house, such as toilet paper, tools, medicine etc. and label it “last box”.

In your new home, unpack one box at a time, starting with the kitchen, which is usually the most difficult and takes more time.

Soon you will feel comfortable in your new home!

Additionally, for an office move you should empty all the desks, drawers, bookshelves etc. and pack its content in boxes.

If there are black or whiteboards or paintings hanging on the wall, there is no need to take them off, our personnel will do it for you. If they are built-in, you will have to remove them.

All the office equipment, such as computers, copy machines, telephones etc. require professional handling. Make sure to disconnect them before the move.